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Focus : Unified Modeling Language (UML) Still Widely Used
on 2010/5/25 1:15:17 (1264 reads)

In 1997, the Object Management Group (OMG) made the UML a standard modelling language for object-oriented applications. Has the Agile adoption changed the way organizations use UML? Methods & Tools checked the current UML current usage with a poll asking the following question: What is the usage of UML modeling techniques at your location?

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Focus : SpringSource Acquired by VMware for $420 Million: a Risky Bet
on 2009/8/13 23:32:11 (1120 reads)

August 10, VMware announced a definitive agreement to acquire SpringSource. VMware and SpringSource plan to deliver compelling new solutions that enable companies to more efficiently build, run and manage applications within both internal and external cloud architectures.

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Focus : My 10 + 1 Favorite Unit Testing Articles
on 2009/6/19 3:55:18 (982 reads)
Focus : Hungry Micro Focus Eats Borland Cadaver (and More)
on 2009/5/7 5:13:44 (900 reads)

Borland Software Corporation announced that Micro Focus International plc and Borland have entered into a definitive agreement under which Micro Focus will acquire all the outstanding shares of Borland in a cash merger transaction. Micro Focus will acquire each outstanding share of common stock of Borland for $1.00 per share, representing a premium of 25% over the closing share price of Borland’s common stock on May 5, 2009 of $0.80 and a premium of approximately 67% over the average thirty trading day closing price of $0.60. The aggregate transaction value is approximately $75 million.

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Focus : Has Agile Lost its Soul?
on 2008/9/24 4:57:44 (989 reads)

VersionOne has published raw results for the 3rd Annual State of the Agile Survey that was conducted in June and July 2008. Answers were received from 3061 participants in 80 countries. Participants working in agile projects are satisfied: they think that agile achieves a very good overall project success rate.

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