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Book : Agile Game Development with Scrum by Clinton Keith
on 2011/6/14 11:40:00 (5240 reads)

Although it might naturally have a stronger appeal to game software developers and project managers, this book provides a lot of practical consideration that will be useful to a larger audience interested in transitioning to Agile.

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Book : Adaptive Project Framework
on 2011/2/28 13:29:30 (6553 reads)

As the author says, many project managers prefer to apply an existing recipe for their project. If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, this book contains many ingredients that will allow you to create your own recipe for to manage software development projects.

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Book : Reflections on Management
on 2010/8/16 23:15:44 (7287 reads)

This book is composed of papers previously written by Watts Humphrey. The people and management aspects of software development are often neglected in books and this one is a good source to start thinking about them… and improving our practice.

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Book : Lean Agile Software Development
on 2010/6/24 21:05:56 (3714 reads)

The goal of this book is to propose a vision of Agile software development that goes behind the current practices, more specifically Scrum, to integrate the principles of Lean development. To achieve this objective, the authors draw on their own experience in Agile consulting.

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Book : The Economics of Iterative Software Development
on 2010/5/19 8:47:47 (3669 reads)

When you start reading this book, you will quickly understand that the authors are affiliated with IBM. This is nothing wrong per se, but this seems to influence too much the vision that the book proposes, ignoring approaches proposed by others. Including “iterative” in the title seems here to be only a marketing trick used to make it catchy. They don’t give you a precise definition of “iterative”, saying rather than it is a “modern method” (Tom Gilb was talking about evolutionary development 30 years ago) and that iterative management is result-based rather than activity-based. The difference between iteration and increment is not discussed. The IBM bias is visible when they state for instance that RUP is a “well accepted benchmark of modern iterative process”.

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Book : Leading Lean Software Development – Results are not the Point
on 2010/3/9 0:05:02 (2053 reads)

What fascinates me the most in the Lean software development approach is the quality of the people that support it. The Poppendieck are not an exception to this rule. Their book achieves the seemingly contradictory goals of being very insightful but still easy and captivating to read. It might be however easier to have the right flow when you are a Lean adept ;o)

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Book : Debug It!
on 2010/2/17 3:47:10 (1458 reads)

This book provides a structured approach that will help programmers to identify and remove bugs in code. It is based on a four steps process: Reproduce, Diagnose, Fix, Reflect. For each activity, the author provides practical material on how perform it. The second part gives a higher vision of the debugging process and deal with topics like communicating with users or prioritizing bugs treatment. Finally, the book discusses special situations and the relationship between bugs and other areas of software development (source control, build, etc.).

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Book : Agile Project Management - Jim Highsmith
on 2010/1/19 0:50:00 (1101 reads)

The fact that this book is already at his second edition after a first publication in 2004 says something about its value. In one of his definition of Agile, Jim Highsmith says, “Agility is the ability to balance flexibility and stability”. I will say that his book balances nicely high level thinking and a pragmatic approach. The book provides a framework for running agile projects and gives also insight in some more neglected related topics like managing projects portfolios or measuring the success of Agile projects.

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Book : The Process of Software Architecting
on 2009/12/2 7:29:23 (1242 reads)

This book presents the influence of architecture in the software development process. The interesting aspect of this book is that is it a thoroughly presentation of the architecture role in the software development activities, not only at initial analytic stage but also at the subsequent tasks like software testing or configuration management.

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Book : Domain-Specific Modeling
on 2009/10/28 10:09:50 (1309 reads)

Domain-specific modeling (DSM) is an approach articulated around three elements: a specific modeling language, code generation and a domain framework.

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