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Press Releases : Model Designer from Devart Delivers Ever More Convenient Working with Large Models!
on 2011/2/4 7:22:30 (1335 reads)
Press Releases

Devart is glad to announce the release of Entity Developer for SQL Server 3.20, a powerful modeling and code generation tool for ADO.NET Entity Framework, and LINQ to SQL.

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Press Releases : New SQL Complete Brings Excellent Intellisense for SQL Server Management Studio
on 2011/2/4 7:18:21 (1484 reads)
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Devart announced a new extended version of dbForge SQL Complete, a powerful SQL Server Management Studio add-in that introduces extended SQL code autocomplete and formatting for fastest writing SQL statements. dbForge SQL Complete 2.0 will bring SQL Server database developers and DBAs around the world new speed in writing SQL statements to increase efficiency and code quality.

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Press Releases : VCL Data Access Components Offer NexusDB Support and Speed Up Working with PostgreSQL
on 2011/2/4 7:17:28 (1354 reads)
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Devart has recently released the new versions of VCL Data Access Components – Universal Data Access Components 3.60, Oracle Data Access Components 7.10, and PostgreSQL Data Access Components 2.10 with more development tools supported.

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Press Releases : Effective SQL Server Data Exploring, Analysis, and Reporting in Devart Comprehensive Solution for Data Analysts
on 2011/1/20 0:59:49 (1326 reads)
Press Releases

Devart has recently released the first version of dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server, a comprehensive solution for data analysts and application developers to efficiently explore, analyze, and report on huge amounts of data in SQL Server databases.

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Press Releases : Wales and West Utilities Chooses Original Software to Accelerate its User Acceptance Testing for SAP
on 2011/1/6 23:04:53 (1271 reads)
Press Releases

Ease of use for business users cited as main reason for choosing the solution suite over HP

6 January 2011, – Wales & West Utilities (WWU), the regulated gas distribution business covering Wales and the South West of England, has selected the leading Application Quality Management (AQM) vendor, Original Software, for the management and ongoing testing of its business-critical SAP® implementation. The full quality management, manual testing and test automation suite has been selected by the utility company to assist with its business-critical SAP application quality challenges.

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Press Releases : Visual Studio Integrated and Standalone Programming Language Oriented Diff Tools with 3-way Merge and Folder Synchronization!
on 2011/1/6 23:03:51 (1264 reads)
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Devart has recently released the new versions of powerful file and folder comparison tools CodeCompare and CodeCompare Pro, v2.50, that demonstrates an absolutely new level of source code comparison. Taking the specificity of programming languages into account, improved versions of Devart diff tools make significant advantage in source code comparison and perfectly fits the needs of developers.

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Press Releases : Devart ADO.NET Data Providers Deliver Advanced Model-First and Database-First Support and Improved ORM Solution!
on 2010/12/22 6:57:48 (1140 reads)
Press Releases

Devart has recently announced the release of the new versions of dotConnect Data Providers, the database connectivity solutions built over ADO.NET architecture and development frameworks with a number of innovative technologies. Devart ADO.NET Data Providers product line includes high performance data providers for major databases and offer a complete solution for developing database-related applications and web sites. Devart dotConnect provides support for ADO.NET Entity Framework and LinqConnect. LinqConnect is the Devart ORM solution, closely compatible with the Microsoft LINQ to SQL, while extending its functionality with its own features.

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Press Releases : Devart Model Designer Delivers Advanced Model-First and Database-First Support to ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL.
on 2010/12/10 6:15:34 (1219 reads)
Press Releases

Devart announced the release of Entity Developer for SQL Server 3.00, the new version of powerful visual ORM model designer and code generation tool, that  supports ADO.NET Entity Framework 1 and 4, and LINQ to SQL models.

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Press Releases : New Free Devart Code Completion Tool Offers Intelligent Coding Assistance in SQL Server Management Studio
on 2010/12/2 22:17:46 (1234 reads)
Press Releases

Devart today announced the release of dbForge SQL Complete, a modern code completion tool that beefs up native IntelliSense® of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) with foremost features to introduce higher efficiency in typing and formatting T-SQL queries.

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Press Releases : Apache Camel 2.5.0 Released
on 2010/11/5 0:57:19 (1263 reads)
Press Releases

The Apache Camel project issued this week another minor release camel-2.5.0. We are extremely grateful to the community for all the contributions. The 2.5.0 release (see release notes for details) includes approx 300 issues resolved (new features, improvements and bug fixes).

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