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Article : T-shaped Skills and Swarming Make for Flexible Scrum and Agile Teams
on 2012/12/12 7:38:56 (3577 reads)

In this article, Kenny Rubin  Managing Principal of Innolution and author of the book "Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process", explains that self-organizing Scrum and agile teams need to determine how best to manage the flow of their work to get the job done each iteration. Flexible and high-performing agile development teams are composed of members with T-shaped skills and a Musketeer attitude that enable them to swarm to success

Read this article about Scrum on http://www.scrumexpert.com/knowledge/t-shaped-skills-and-swarming-make-for-flexible-scrum-and-agile-teams/

Article : Software Testing and Scrum in Fall 2012 issue of Methods & Tools
on 2012/9/24 5:04:30 (3811 reads)

Methods & Tools - the free e-magazine for software developers, testers and project managers - has just published its Fall 2012 issue with the following articles:
* Getting Testing Done in the Sprint - 5 Method and Tool Tips
* Testing Performance of Mobile Apps - Part 1: How Fast Can Angry Birds Run?
* Test-driven Test Code Development - Unit testing Page Objects
* eFitNesse: A Java Testing Framework for Embedded OSGi Programming
* Flyway - Database Migration Framework for Java
* Findbugs - Static Code Analysis of Java
* PESTT – PESTT Educational Software Testing Tool
* Open Twebst - Web Automation for Internet Explorer

60 pages of software development knowledge that you can download from http://www.methodsandtools.com/mt/download.php?fall12

Article : Automated Exploratory Testing
on 2010/3/30 3:00:00 (3209 reads)

Automated exploratory testing is a method integrating Test Automation within the Exploratory Testing Session that enables the testers to save money and to become more productive during test execution. This article describes automated exploratory testing and explains its benefits.

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Article : Reaching the right level of agility for your organization
on 2010/2/16 6:30:00 (1807 reads)

This article  presents how to lead the transition to an Agile process.

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Article : Testing-as-a-Service – The new “Third Way” for Performance Testing
on 2010/2/10 1:40:00 (1786 reads)

As recent online sales figures have shown increasing numbers of us are choosing the Internet for our regular purchases and to access services such as banking and utilities. Last  year online sales totalled over £40billion in the UK alone making the development of a Web storefront something no serious retailer can afford to ignore.


Author:  Paul Caine, http://www.blucap.co.uk/

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Article : Keep the Balance - The Product Owner
on 2010/2/3 3:20:00 (1435 reads)

This article presents how the Product Owner can keep the balance of interests between the Scrum team and the other stakeholders.


Author: Marion Eickmann, CEO of agile42, www.agile42.com, first published in German in the IX-Magazin 8/2009 

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Article : Web Performance Testing - Test objectives and Real Life Monitoring
on 2010/1/26 6:50:00 (1761 reads)

Web Performance Testing is executed to provide accurate information on the readiness of an application through testing the web site and monitoring the server side application. This article describes different techniques and aspects to be considered when performing Performance Testing on Web Applications.

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Article : Scrum Master & Team Training at Ericsson
on 2009/12/7 1:30:00 (1629 reads)

As we always say, every new training is a new experience, and you never stop to learn something, which is the exciting part of the job... at Ericsson has been another very interesting experience, and again we learned something together

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Article : Multifarious - The Scrum Master
on 2009/11/16 3:26:42 (1724 reads)

Scrum gets more and more common as an agile method for the management of projects. Those who want to use the model of Scrum successfully should first take a closer look at the description of the three roles and not mistake the Scrum Master with a Team Leader.


Author: Marion Eickmann, CEO of agile42, www.agile42.com, first published in German in the IX-Magazin 9/2009

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Article : GUI Testing: Basic tips
on 2009/8/24 8:00:00 (1540 reads)

This article will be useful for those specialists who are not indifferent to the GUI problems and are interested in getting good GUI. It’s hard to give clear and full definition for the good GUI. So let’s at the moment agree that we’ll understand good GUI as the GUI which helps user to perform his tasks effectively and provide software product with commercial success. Further in this article we’ll extend this definition.

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