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News : Agile and Software Testing in the Spring 2011 issue of Methods & Tools
on 2011/3/22 4:57:19 (1548 reads)

Methods & Tools - the free e-magazine for software developers, testers and project managers - has just published its Spring 2011 issue with the following articles:
* Automated Acceptance Tests and Requirements Traceability
* Managing Schedule Flaws using Agile Methods
* User-Centric Design and the Power of Personas
* Complexity Theory for Software Developers
* Build Patterns to Boost your Continuous Integration
* GivWenZen – Behavior Driven Development for FitNesse
* Celoxis - Web Based Project Management
* Tellurium Automated Testing Framework
* Apache CXF
* RSpec Best Practices
* Maven Plugins

Download 80 pages of software development knowledge

News : Agile Requirements, Software Testing and CMMI in Winter issue of Methods & Tools
on 2011/2/4 22:44:06 (1455 reads)
News : Continuous Integration: Continuous Build or Continuous Quality Control?
on 2010/9/14 6:23:18 (1650 reads)

A recent survey wanted to determine the level of adoption of continuous integration tools  in organizations. The following question was asked: “Do you use a tool for continuous integration (automated build and unit testing)?”

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News : Software Testing & Quality in Methods & Tools Summer 2010
on 2010/6/24 21:04:04 (1554 reads)

Methods & Tools is a free e-magazine for software developers, testers and project managers. Summer 2010 issue has just been published with the following articles:
* Aspects of Kanban - Lean Worfklow Management
* Test Language - Introduction to Keyword Driven Testing
* A High Volume Software Product Line
* Better Requirements Definition Management is Better for Business
* The Core Protocols, an Experience Report - Tools for High Performance Teams
* Tool: eValid- Functional and Load Web Testing
* Tool: Hudson- Continuous Integration Server
* Tool: FitNesse - Test Cases Management
* Tool: VoodooMock - Mock Objects Framework for C++
* Conference: Jazoon

80 pages of software development knowledge that you can download from http://www.methodsandtools.com/mt/download.php?summer10

News : New Load Testing Tools Directory
on 2010/4/28 23:25:14 (1063 reads)

This a directory of open source and commercial software tools for load and performance testing with reviews and resources.



News : New Tools Section in Methods & Tools Web Site
on 2010/4/21 0:39:05 (1184 reads)

The Methods & Tools web site has just opened a new section dedicated to software development tools. This area will propose an html version of the tools presentations articles published in the PDF issues and also links to the other Methods & Tools articles that are focused on software development tools. The first tools to be included in this section are Express, Sonar, JMeter and Squirrel. More software development tools will be included in the future. Hudson and Fitnesse presentation articles are already scheduled for the Summer 2010 issue of Methods & Tools.

News : Who Perform Functional Testing?
on 2010/3/15 1:28:13 (1111 reads)

After the results of a previous poll focused on functional testing automation, I wondered if there was still a great divide between the worlds of development and functional testing. So I did this follow-up question to check who was performing the functional testing.

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News : Scrum Open Source Software Directory
on 2010/2/22 8:23:30 (963 reads)

OpenSourceScrum.com is a new directory of open source tools for Scrum containing also links to tools reviews.

If you know a missing tool or a good review of an included tool, just let us know.

News : Domain Driven Design in Methods & Tools Winter 2009
on 2009/12/21 1:14:37 (853 reads)

Methods & Tools is a free e-magazine for software developers, testers and project managers. Winter 2009 issue has just been published with the following articles:
* Refactoring Large Software Systems
* An Introduction to Domain Driven Design    
* Agile Coaching Tips
* Are Enterprise AJAX Applications Doomed…Or Are We?
* Does Process Improvement Really Pay Off?
* SQuirreL SQL Client

60 pages of software development knowledge that you can download from http://www.methodsandtools.com/mt/download.php?winter09

News : 1500 Tools to Assist Software Developers
on 2009/10/13 7:46:39 (660 reads)

Created in 2007, the Software Development Tools Directory has now more than 1500 references. It is one of the rare web sites where you can see on the same location both commercial and open source software development tools. Tools are categorized by programming language, license, operating system or software development function (software testing, project management, database, IDE, user interface,  etc.).  The Open Source category is the most important one with 770 tools.

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