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Press Releases : Another byte of the cherry - TestBench for System i extends its enterprise reach to Far Eastern shores
on 2010/4/14 22:17:19 (1062 reads)
Press Releases


30th March 2010 – Original Software, the Application Quality Management (AQM) vendor, today announced the release of TestBench for System i v7. The latest version of the company’s database management and verification solution now includes support for Double Byte Character Sets (DBCS) and IASP support.  “With this latest update, our entire solution suite is now DBCS capable” said Colin Armitage, CEO of Original Software. 

“We’ve experienced increasing demand for our solutions in enterprise accounts, many with operations in far eastern geographies. Although quite a niche field, no other supplier has capabilities to support DBCS for testing green screen apps or at the database level. For the modern business, being able to comprehensively test systems in all its operating geographies is simply a must,” he expanded. 


In addition TestBench v7 now supports applications using (IASPs) Independent Auxiliary Storage Pools. An IASP allows another instance of an application, using the same library names and structures, to be configured, making it very easy to switch between versions without the need to reload software or restart the i5/OS partition. All TestBench modules have been updated to include full IASP support. 


Central to Original Software’s ‘Top to Bottom’ philosophy, TestBench is the only software testing solution with the unique ability to analyze what happens in the database as a result of the test process and to validate against predetermined business rules. It also addresses the creation of cut down, representative test environments, scrambling and obfuscation of personal data and supports re-use with a database 'undo' option. All this functionality is now available for System i, Oracle and also SQL Server back ends. 


A recent report by industry analyst group Ovum commented that “no other functional test suite that we are aware of covers test data management to this extent. It is Original’s most powerful differentiator.”



About Original Software  (www.origsoft.com) 


With a world class record of innovation, Original Software offers a solution focused completely on the goal of effective quality management. By embracing the full spectrum of Application Quality Management across a wide range of applications and environments, the company partners with customers and helps make quality a business imperative. Solutions include a quality management platform, manual testing, full test automation and test data management, all delivered with the control of business risk, cost, time and resources in mind.  


More than 400 organisations operating in over 30 countries use Original Software solutions. Current users range from major multi-nationals to small software development shops, encompassing a wide range of industries, sectors and sizes. We are proud of our partnerships with the likes of Coca-Cola, Cargill, HSBC, FedEx, Pfizer, DHL and many others. 

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